Feb 12 2019

Whilst some people are more than happy to vape in the privacy of their own homes, others are happy to vape publically and if you are one of those who are happy to flaunt it then there is some VAPE 101 etiquette that you must know!

Ask Permission

At a friend’s house, in a restaurant, sitting in a pub or walking down the street – make sure to ask permission of others around you. When vaping in the company of others it is always polite t

vape storeo seek the permission of others to ensure that they are not made to feel uncomfortable. Not everyone is ok with smoking or vaping – and some people may not like it or may not be aware that vaping is so different to cigarette smoking.

Educate and Share knowledge

So people are looking and staring or asking you questions about your e-cig, your liquid, what kind of set up or mod you use. Educate them and share your knowledge of vaping and help by answering their questions. You will be pleasantly surprised how interested people may be in things they don’t know about or are unsure of. Who knows, you may even help a smoker change their ways!

No judging tobacco smokers

We were once smokers and have converted but that doesn’t make us any better than those who still like to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

It is rude to look down on others FULL STOP – smokers or not. Besides- a smoker is just a vaper who hasn’t seen the light yet!

Cloud chase in public (unless in a vape store or meet up)

Even vapers who like to chase clouds get irritated by others chasing clouds in public – unless at a meet up or in a vape store.

It may not be as irritating as smoke, but it’s still really annoying – especially if you are not a vaper.

Don’t be a douche – don’t cloud chase in public!

Don’t use other people’s e- cigs without asking!

Some people have a habit of using the e-cigs cigarettes of other people without asking them which is definitely a bad habit. Ask if they are willing to share or not.

It seems like a no brainer – but it DOES happen!

Remember to think about the Vaping Etiquette – our guide to vaping 101 when you next vape!


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