Vaper's Garage Review: Maveryck's / Orange blackcurrant - KAHUNA

Vaper's Garage Review: Maveryck's / Orange blackcurrant - KAHUNA

Review by: Shane Presser

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From the website:
Complex presents Maveryk’s. This is a delectable Orange and Blackcurrant combination set.
Sweet Orange hits the front notes with Blackcurrant covering all base notes. This is finished off with a refreshing cool kick.

Initial Thoughts:
Wow! A very dynamic and intense flavour! On the finger test, this tastes delicious, with the orange balancing the citrus with a syrupy sweetness, while the blackcurrant contrasts it wonderfully with it’s sweet hard candy tone. This is a very cold flavour the ws23 percentage is aimed at giving you a chill. Don’t worry, you quickly get used to it!

Inhale & Exhale:
On the inhale, you’ll notice a bright candy orange to begin with, it’s sweet with a slight citrus hit. The inhale is ice cold, cold enough to freeze your mouth over, well, until you get used to it.
As you inhale the orange takes on a bit of an ‘Orange Tic Tac’ flavour, as the candy BlackCurrant appears, slowly drifting into view.
It’s a very “Blackcurrant Pastille” flavour, sugar coated soft jelly candy with a strong and dynamic Blackcurrant taste. It’s bright and sugary sweet, and as you hit the top of the inhale, it’s at it’s strongest.
The exhale sees the lighter orange fall to the background while the sweet Blackcurrant candy profile continues to dominate right through to the end of the vape.

Final Thoughts:
It’s funny, I get several candy profiles from this, from orange jelly candy, blackcurrant jelly candy, orange tic tacs, right through to a fizzy “Fruit Tingle” feel.
It’s a very tasty flavour. While it’s more candy than fresh or natural this is something I could easily vape for extended periods of time. It’s packed with flavour and very consistent.
A lovely sweet and sharp candy flavour! Well done guys!

Colour: Clear

Coil & Wick Damage: This one will damage wicks and coils, I noticed discolouring of wicks after a day and slight gunking of coils after 2-3 days.

Steeping: No steeping necessary

Score: 8/10


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