Vaper's Garage Review: KAHUNA

Vaper's Garage Review: KAHUNA

Review by: Shane Presser

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I’ve got something a little different for you today. Rather than my normal way of publishing one flavour per review, I’ve packed x6 flavours into the one blog post!

This range of x6 flavours come from “Complex Eliquid”, and the line is called “Kahuna”. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the marketing posts on your social media, they’ve got a pretty cool concept going on and I’ll tell you now, the flavours in this range, perfectly suit the branding with their tropical yet clean tasting blends. I’ve been vaping this new range for the last week or so, and they are all bright profiles packed with flavour.

If you’ve not heard of them before, Complex Eliquid are fairly new to the game and hail from Sydney, NSW. Other ranges in their reportoir include the “Signature” series, and their “Light Side/Dark Side” range (of which I’ll also be reviewing shortly).

Today, I’ll be reviewing the “Kahuna” range from Complex Eliquid.

(This eliquid was supplied by the vendor for review.)

Final thoughts

All in all I’ve found this range to be quite refreshing! They’re all very clean tasting flavours, mostly sweet and candy like with the cooling really hitting the spot!

A couple of them did have a little bit of an unusual feel to them, mainly the flavours containing pineapple. Rather than being a fresh and clean pineapple, it came across as a slightly astringent fried pineapple, a little syrupy and not quite fitting in with the tropical feel.

But there are also some standouts too, the Blackcurrant flavours were fantastic and I’d definitely pick up some more further down the line.

These all do have sweetener in them so be forewarned, your coils and wicks will suffer after a few days, but if that doesn’t phase you, you’re going to love this range!

Great work guys!

Where to Buy:

You can pick up this range directly from the Complex Eliquid online store or through one of their many stockists!


Brilliant presentation! All bottles are tinted 60ml Chubby Gorilla styles bottles with tamper seal and child proof caps.
The dispenser tip unscrews so that you can conveniently top up with nicotine. However, the hole is tiny and topping up with another needle tip causes positive pressure in the bottle and it doesn’t fill easily. I ended up popping the top of by first unscrewing the tip and then with a small screwdriver in the hole from the tip, gently pried the caps off.
Once filled, the little tip also has a small print that you’ll need to make sure seals correctly or you’ll find juice escaping from the threading.
Definitely room for improvement here.

The labels are fantastic, the foil labels with colourful overprint really do give an island paradise/surfer feel. Each label varies in colour for the flavour.
The juice name are easily read with the flavour spelled out, so you’ll know which profile each is at a glance.

Zero nicotine level, Bottle size PG/VG ratios, ingredients and warnings are also on the labels along with the Complex Eliquid logo.

Test rigs:

Original Haku Cruiser running a single 0.17 framed staple coil on a mech mod.
Augvape Intake RTA with a 0.2ohm Stainless coil running @ approx 50-80 watts.
Bonza RDA with x2 Framed Stapled coils (0.2 ohm-ish)


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